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Everything You Should Know About Engineering Management

In the Philippines, one of the most popular quotations ever said was “The children are the hope of the nation”. In this saying, the children will be the hope of our country if the students will study seriously, do good work, and stand with what is right. And in doing these, a child or a student must take his college degree. Are you into mathematics, solving problems, and would like to provide solutions? Then maybe engineering management is for you!


What is Engineering Management?

According to “Top Universities”, engineering management is a specialized field of management concerned with the engineering sector. In this 4 year course, students will learn and develop skills related to industrial engineering, business and management strategies, and techniques.

Engineering management is not an easy course or degree. It has a lot of problem-solving, logical tests, technical exams, and fieldwork. However, a student taking this course will surely have a great and bright future since engineers are very in demand in the working industry.


Types of Engineering Degree Management

In the Philippines, there are different engineering management degrees. This course may vary depending on the university or school you are enrolling in. Despite the same name of the course, the structure and content of each engineering variation will differ. Below are some of the engineering courses that you can review before enrolling yourself in the course:


Engineering Management

Usually, a multidisciplinary program builds theoretical and practical knowledge of all engineering fields and engineering mathematics, along with advanced project and personnel management knowledge and skills.


Management Science and Engineering

This program or course comes up with fundamental and advanced knowledge in management and engineering, allows the students to learn different methods in decision-making, formulation, problem-solving, organizational development, and technology-based industries and economies.


Service Engineering and Management

Service engineering and management course have technical engineering education and a series of business and management teachings. This course will allow the students to hone both their intellectual and technical skills to manage engineering activities and organizations.


There are still more engineering courses to choose from. May it is related to chemical, mechanical, or civil, universities and colleges in the Philippines can offer it. Just be sure to read the curriculum or the content of the course before you pass your school application. Your decision in course will definitely affect your 4 years of learning so be 100% aware of what program you will take!


Job Opportunities for Engineering Management

An engineering degree is a professional course that requires you to have a PE license (professional engineer). Those who have professional licenses are easier to get a professional job, easier to request good compensation, and so on. If you are a PE, below are some of the jobs you are welcome to do:

Engineering Project Management

The Engineering Project Manager will coordinate different project teams such as civil, electrical, and mechanical subcontractors of the company. An engineering project manager should have a thorough grasp of relevant engineering issues, and other related requirements. A manager may also handle a number of projects simultaneously depending on the requirements of the company.


Engineering Manager

The engineering manager should make sure and check the functionality and safety of the company’s facility, including the mechanical equipment, physical building/s, electrical system/s such as heating and cooling systems, and life safety systems in accordance with local laws and regulations.


Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer’s role is somehow the same as the engineering manager. A chief ensures proper, orderly, cost-effective, and timely execution of the operation or project and maintenance of all building systems, facilities, and equipment of the company.


Licensed engineers will have more room to explore in the professional world. They can be an electrical engineer, mechanical or industrial engineers. Regardless of the job or position, this field will surely offer you a high salary and good benefits.


Final Thoughts

Unending application of math and science, tactical, analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just a few examples of an engineer’s task. This job is considered one of the toughest professional jobs in the Philippines. Passing the bar exam and getting yourself a professional license will definitely lead you to a decent and high-paying job. College may be tough in the beginning, but with dedication and hard work, you will definitely reap the best rewards and will become a PE or Professional Engineer!


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