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Engineering Jobs in Manila: Soon to be in-demand Jobs!


What comes to your mind if you hear or read “engineering”? Is it mechanical? Civil? Or Chemical? Did you know that there is more to engineering than those well-known branches of engineering? Read on and be aware of the 5 soon to be in-demand engineering jobs in Manila!


Available Engineer Jobs 

Engineers are working both in the office and in the field as they are required to oversee the planning as well as the actual execution of the project. They deal with construction,  technology, electricity, and more. Below are available engineering jobs in Manila that you can choose and apply to:

E-Commerce Network Engineer

Due to the pandemic, almost every Filipino is using his/her mobile phone to purchase goods, pay for bills, and even manage and track expenses. And with this, one of the most in-demand services is e-commerce. Shopee and Lazada are both popular in the Philippines and they are actually looking for Network Engineers.

The Network Engineer’s role is to provide network operations support and administration; monitor regional network infrastructure performance and the resolution of technical problems and perform problem/issue identification and resolution; work across multiple teams and vendors to identify the root cause and find suitable workarounds or solutions.


Directory Engineer

The Directory Engineer is involved in the design, implementation, optimization, and maintenance of directories and directory-enabled solutions. This job position is mostly available in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. BPO or call centers are in charge of customers’ needs and concerns. They handle calls, emails, messages, and live chats where network or equipment errors occur. In order to manage the inquiries/calls of clients, the directory engineer needs to identify efforts to improve and simplify end-user experience by reducing the volume of tickets, reducing touch points, improve accountability, and driving the usage of the self-service tools.


Software Quality Engineer

A Software Quality Engineer’s task is to assess the risks of software deployments & releases, ensuring that user stories, acceptance criteria, and performance KPIs are met prior to and following deployment, perform manual tests where needed and strive to automate tests wherever possible. 

Software Quality Engineers are usually required to consultancy and digital agency/company.


Associate Security Engineer

Associate Security Engineer is an underrated type of engineering job. An Associate Security Engineer assesses customers’ cyber security environment, challenges, and needs through technical qualifications and proposes appropriate solutions.

This type of job is usually available and in demand in software companies or digital companies.


Senior IT Support Engineer

A Senior IT Support Engineer monitors and resolves user daily requests through a ticket tracking system. He/she should manage hardware inventory and work with vendors that the company has adequate IT equipment and peripherals for staff and upgrade. This type of job is usually in-demand and required in the BPO industry.


Requirements and Required Skills

In the field of engineering, may it be in the 4 corners of a building (office) or field, a relevant course is required for you to get hired and be assigned to the engineering department. Some are the requirements and required skills in applying to an engineer position:


Educational Background

The applicant should have a BS degree in Computer Engineering or a related discipline preferred. An engineering applicant should have a strong understanding of computer science fundamentals, with a strong understanding of concurrency, performance, data structures, and design patterns


Work Experience

The applicant should have senior-level experience as a Quality Engineer or related field (3+ years) and a proven record of implementation of automated test processes if the applicant is applying for a senior level.  He/she should have the basic understanding to:

・Agile, SDLC, and CICD tools

・Build Tools: GitHub Actions or equivalent

・Automated testing tools and frameworks

・Solid understanding of web application architectures and APIs


Ideal Skills

The above-mentioned in-demand engineering jobs will require the applicant to be knowledgeable in the technical, processes, and tools of equipment. He/she should also have strong debugging and troubleshooting skills, an analytical, yet creative, approach to problem-solving, and of course, excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Final Thoughts

Engineering has a broad industry where engineers can be classified as civil engineers, electrical engineers, or mechanical engineers. And as technology keeps evolving and innovation keeps growing at high rates in the Philippines and abroad, software and other web engineers are very in demand to keep up and help every company in the fast phasing technology. Engineering as a type of work is very challenging but the compensation, the benefits, the experience, and the knowledge you will acquire are worth it.


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